Charleston, WV Table Tennis

2010 - 2011 CTTC Handicap Tournament  

Champion: Mike Corica

Runner-up : Gretchen Workman

Noteworthy:    Twenty three members participated in the two day event. A couple of former ranked members, from Huntington, joined in the fun on the second  day.  Many said "that the continuous play was the most tables tennis played on the eight tables they had ever seen".  

What:      Competitors will compete in 41 point matches to determine a 2011  CTTC Handicap champion.  

When:     The tournament event will occur on Monday May 2nd, and Monday May 9th, starting at 6:00 pm through 8:30 pm .

 How:     Based on the number of participants, all will play a  maximum of 10  opponents (or less if a smaller number of participants are enrolled)

Competitors will play matches with other participants from the pool of all enrolled participants.  The maximum number of matches to be played by each competitor will be 10 or all of the enrolled participants, which ever is less.

 Scoresheets will be provided for each competitor, which will be collected & reviewed for determining advancement.

                                         Championship Game Determination Criteria:

A championship match will be determined by the results of the two most successful competitors which played & recorded the most wins of 10 matches or all of the enrolled participants, which ever is less. In the case of ties, the following criteria will apply.  

  1.  Most Match Wins

  2. Head to Head Performance

  3.  Lowest ‘Ratio of Points’ allowed in Matches.

 The championship match will also be a 41 pt handicap match with the applicable score adjustment applied.  The final match will be the finally on Monday May 9th.